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You don’t have to be a geophysicist to know that water in your basement or a lake on your front lawn are signs of a drainage problem. But some drainage problems are not so obvious. Here are some other, less obvious signs of bad drainage that, if fixed now, can save you BIG bucks!

  1. Gushing Gutters
  2. Dumping Downspouts
  3. Migrating Mulch
  4. Pivoting Pavers
  5. Foundation Fissures
  6. Seeping Substrate

Allstar specializes in repairing drainage damage from any of the above. Gutter covers and downspout extensions can keep water away from your foundation, keeping your basement and walls moisture-free.

When soil doesn’t drain properly, rain runs off it in sheets, carving gulleys into your landscape and moving mulch where it doesn’t belong. Surface grading can re-direct water away from your home, keeping mulch, landscape rock, or paving stones where they belong.

Frost heaving is caused by the freezing of water within soil. The soil swells which can damage foundations, deck footings, driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Pavers and other substrates, when properly installed, can withstand the freeze/thaw cycle which is so common in Minnesota.

Sub-surface water or ground water is located in the porous spaces of soil and rocks. If too much water is present over time, it can crack your foundation, create water stains in your basement. Worse yet it can grow mold, creating air quality and health issues for your entire family. Interior drain systems can keep seepage out of your basement and ensure your family treasures stay dry.

Drainage 01 Before
Drainage 02 Before
Drainage 03 During
Drainage 04 During
Drainage 05 Done
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